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How To Sleep Better Starting Tonight

  1. Regular Yoga will help you sleep better ~ Yoga changed my life. Most importantly it taught me how to reduce stress by taking my mind off of daily tensions. Regular yoga has been proven to be a safe and effective method of improving overall sleep quality.

  2. Exercise Regularly ~ Physical activity is very important for your overall health. It helps you sleep more soundly at night. Duration is not as important as consistency. A little everyday adds up.

  3. Meditation/Prayer Mindfulness ~ Meditation/Prayer and Mindfulness calms your mind and body and helps fight stress and anxiety which results in better sleep. The act of Mindfulness helps promote good sleep. It allows you to learn slow, steady breathing while quieting your mind. You learn to focus your breath, body, thoughts, feelings, and sensations as the come and go with each breath.

  4. A Warm Bath ~ A soak in a warm bath can set the stage for sleep. Adding essential oils (lavender) , Epsom salts, lowering the lights and lighting candles can add to your experience.

  5. Chamomile Tea ~ Chamomile is known for its mild tranquilizer and sleep inducing benefits. It's also knows to help reduce depression.

  6. Create a Sleep Friendly Bedroom ~ Our sleep can be affected by our sleep environment. Keep the temperature in your bedroom cool between 60-67 F. Keep your bedroom neat and tidy. Clutter adds to stress and anxiety. Keep your bedroom free from glaring light and excess noise. Some people like a white noise machine or fan.

  7. Buy a Quality Mattress ~ A medium-firm mattress is recommended for a good nights sleep. Buy quality sheets and mattress pad covers. Be sure to wash your bedding weekly. Take time to find pillows that suit your preferences. A good mattress and quality bedding are worth it. You spend a good deal of your life sleeping.

  8. Put Your Phone Down ~ If you want to sleep soundly, put your phone down an hour before you go to bed. This is difficult for many. It's become a bad habit for most people to look at their phones right before going to bed. The light from your phone affects your body's circadian rhythm, it also affects the production of hormones that promote alertness. TV's Laptops and mobile phones all should be turned off an hour before bed. Try reading a book, praying, meditating, etc

All of these are just suggestions

Sleeping well is essential for your overall health.

Try creating a bedtime ritual.

Sleep well Ladies


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