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5 Reasons to Travel Alone

Nothing else has given me confidence like traveling alone!

You are wild and free for the first time since you were young. No companion to consider, no job to worry about, no pets or children to tend, no schedule, no expectations, nothing but you and the beautiful world before you.

1) See and Learn New Things

I encourage you to pick somewhere you have never been before. Somewhere, you have dreamed of visiting. I chose Ireland. It was magical and far exceeded my expectations. I

2) Kick your Self Confidence into High Gear.

The mere logistics of travel can change in a minute. You will face daily challenges and great them with a new found confidence as you navigate your way. Each day you will gain a new found freedom and confidence as you realize you can do it.

3) Make new Friendships and Connections

When traveling alone you will be forced to talk to others and interact with local people. I have found that the majority of people are good and kind and willing to help. I met people in each town I visited and more than once they took time to sit and. talk with me. I had a couple who owned a local pub sit and share a meal with me. The owner of the Airbnb I stayed in I now consider a dear friend.

4). Create Incredible Memories

For once you can choose what and when you want to do something. What new excursion you want to try. What restaurant you want to eat in. You are making your own amazing memories that you can hide in your heart forever.

5). Become the Best Version of Yourself

You will push yourself to new limits. You will stretch your comfort zone. You will learn new things about yourself. You will communicate better, listen better, and become attune to your senses like never before. You will leave happier and become the BEST version of YOU!


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