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Chin Up Ladies or the Crown Falls

I've been asked why I chose a crown as my brand symbol or call myself "The Midlife Queen"

It actually came to me in a dream. I originally started my coaching business as "The Dynamic Woman" I love, what the word dynamic means but something about it fell flat. It's kind of like trying to be someone or something you are not.

Authenticity comes with time. Some never find it. When you do, you know it. It feels "right" You don't have to try.

The Midlife Queen with a slightly crooked crown is who I am.

  1. Queens are women who have been told that they can't and that only fuels their fire.

  2. Queens work hard and earn what they have in life.

  3. Queens have strong morals and values that they live their lives by.

  4. Queens are bold and fearless risk takers. They chase their dreams with determination.

  5. Queens love fiercely and are committed to their families and partners.

  6. Queens NEVER put anyone down for any reason. Period.

  7. Queens are empowering, uplifting, and loving.

  8. Queens are independent.

  9. Queens are women who when faced with obstacles find a way to overcome them with determination and perseverance.

  10. Queens are teachers who take the opportunity to share what they have learned.

  11. Queens pride themselves with style, class and modesty.

  12. Queens start and end their days with GRATITUDE, for everything in life is a gift.



Liz "The Midlife Queen"


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