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5 Tips to Stay Consistent with Exercise

This seems to be the biggest challenge for most of us.

I'm curious if it's because you are attempting to do an exercise that you just plain don't enjoy, or you don't feel like you have time?

I am a big fan of trying all sorts of movement until you find what works for you.

Have Fun With It

Exercise should not feel like a chore or be something that you dread. It should be fun! If you have been attempting to do something that you dislike, try something new. Dancing, hula hoop, tai chi, swimming, yoga, etc. (You can find anything on YouTube).

Keep Track Of Your Progress

There are apps, gadgets, old fashioned calendars, whatever works for you. Create a goal and reward yourself when you reach it.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Set your alarm, pack your gym bag, get an accountability partner, pay for a class. Sometimes when you put a little skin in the game you tend to show up.

Celebrate Your Achievements

When you reach a specific goal you made for yourself. Like showing up X amount of days in a row. Give yourself a reward. How about a day at the spa, a sexy little dress, or a girl's day. Create realistic goals and stick to them.

Reap The Benefits

I have never met anyone who regretted investing in their consistent fitness. Once it becomes a habit, you will ultimately reap the benefits. Better overall health, mentally and physically.

Keep up the good work ladies!


Liz ~ The Midlife Queen


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